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The parlay is defined as a sports bet whereby multiple single bets are clustered into one bet or card. From the above definition, it clearly points to complex calculations and it is something most gambling enthusiasts would rather avoid. Revisiting the old philosophical sayings, “every problem has an answer.” In that context, the gambling industry professionals invented the parlay calculator to ease the calculations burden experienced by bookies and bettors. Here are key points you need to know about this utility.

How to Use the Parlay Calculator

The parlay odds calculator is an online utility, which is offered by major industry participants. Before placing your bets, it is important knowing how to use the betting odds calculator. Right in the boxes labelled “odds”, begin by punching the money line odds of every game. When you pick a favourite, proceed to key in the money line with a minus sign feature from the start. For instance, you wish to key in 140, it means the number must begin with a negative sign (-140). It is worthy to keep in mind that almost all standard points spread and total wagers contain (-110) money line odds.

In the event that you see it appropriate to the underdog, then all you require doing is to key in money line odds, number and an addition mathematical sign (+). It should appear like this, (120).

Never Include Decimal Points

When making the entries, you must ensure to avoid the boxes that are not part of your parlay. Ignore the (0) in every box because it would not be considered in the parlay.

The next crucial step is to key in your wager in the space next to amounts. Here, you can use your preferred currency provided it is acceptable. The ensuing step is to click for calculations. Bettors must understand that the amount of a successful parlay wager would emanate in the box space adjacent to parlay Payout. However, the amount wagered does not include the payout. To undertake another calculation process, just click the clear button.

Significant Terminologies

  1. Moneyline: This is a stake, which is squarely based on the winners and losers of a concluded event.
  2. Point Spreads: It levels between participants through deducting points from the preferred and awarding the underdog.
  3. Teasers: This refers to acquiring less payout should you win a parlay. However, it enhances your winning chances.
  4. Pleasers: It is the opposite of teasers, and specifically designed to move the line against your preference in exchange for best odds and significant payday.